Game Art


Drowning is an Oculus compatible virtual reality experience created in Unity, inspired by the effects of climate change. The viewer is placed into a room that displays media reporting on the rising sea levels due to melting glaciers. As the viewer watches, they realize they cannot leave the room as water rises from the floor and eventually covers their vision completely.

In the Wind

In the Wind explores areas of interactivity, immersion, and empathy. My personal concern for the planet and humanity’s future drive my representations of climate change and future dystopia within the game. By using interactive video games as my medium of choice, I can effectively communicate my ideas and concepts to the user. Through the use of engaging narratives and visual elements, I will represent the harsh future that climate change will produce in order to provoke deep thought and emotion within my players.

Twilight’s Pursuit

Twilight’s Pursuit is a narrative driven game, with a goal of finding your missing sister. The player is sent around town in order to find clues and hints as to where your sister may be located. In the end, there is an unexpected twist as to what exactly happened to your sister.

Test Subject 378

This game was created in Unity. It includes dialogue systems as well as puzzles in order to reach the next point in the game. The player must find their way out of a government facility while avoiding being killed by the monster that spawns midway through the game. If the player is caught, then the game ends.